Gothenburg meets Southern California


I just came back from an such inspirational trip in Southern California on behalf of SACC West Sweden. I was there for one month to get inspiration for SACC West Sweden´s future and for our 3rd America Day in March 2017. The coast from Los Angeles down to San Diego is America´s  Hub for the Life Science and Medical Device. Since the theme of our 3rd America Day is Life Sciences and Medical Device this area is a given partner of SACC West Sweden. We met very interesting people and organizations which has an interest of working with SACC West Sweden and start collaborations.

One of them was Niklas Myhr, which is The Social Media Professor at Chapman University in California and Googles #1 ranked Social Media Professor. In the pictures below you can see SACC West Sweden meeting Niklas Myhr and discussing the future for SACC West Sweden. Mr Myhr is now SACC West Sweden Ambassador in California.